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Denotes a Second Chance GameScratch-off games with this logo offer even more fun! Enter any non-winning scratch-off game with this logo into great second chance drawings for cash prizes, merchandise and other winning experiences. To enter into a second chance drawing, visit

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Lucky Spot
Lucky Spot New Game!
Triple 7's
Triple 7's New Game!
Crossword 10x
Crossword 10x New Game!
Break the Bank w/ Back Scratch
$10,000 Jackpot
$10,000 Jackpot New Game!
$50,000 Jackpot
$50,000 Jackpot New Game!
$200,000 Jackpot
$200,000 Jackpot New Game!
$1,000,000 Jackpot
Casino Crossword
Quick Silver
Twisted Bingo
Golden 7's
$2,500 A Week for Life
Triple Fortune
Lucky Numbers
Hit $500
Mega Bucks
$500 A Week For Life
Hot 5's
Red Hot 5's
White Hot 5's
Double Doubler
Scoop the Cash
Millionaire 7's
Rapid Refund
Red Line Tripler Crossword
$200,000 Grant
Multiplier Spectacular
$1,000 A Week For Life
Jumbo Bucks
Gold Coins
Lucky Clover
Gold Bar Bingo
Green & Gold w/ Back Scratch
Green & Gold w/ Back Scratch Ended, Claims Only
Jr. Big Ol' Bucks
Lucky 7's
EZ Money
Triple The Money
$250,000 Cash Money
The Color of Money
Tic Tac Cash
Tic Tac Cash Ended, Claims Only
Carolina Limited
Ultimate Crossword
Cold Hard Cash
Winner Green
Winner Green Ended, Claims Only
Double Match
Double Match Ended, Claims Only
Diamond Crossword
Diamond Crossword Ended, Claims Only
Lucky Loot
Lucky Loot Ended, Claims Only
Bonus Jackpot
Bonus Jackpot Ended, Claims Only
$120 Million Cash
Fast 5's
Fast 5's Ended, Claims Only
$40,000 Bankroll
Super Loteria
20X The Cash
20X The Cash Ended, Claims Only
50X The Cash
Bingo Mania
Bingo Mania Ended, Claims Only
$200,000 Extreme Cash
Red, White, & Blue Cash
Lady Bucks
Lady Bucks Ended, Claims Only
$4 Million Gold Bullion
$500 A Week For Life
$500 A Week For Life Ended, Claims Only
$1,000 A Week For Life
$1,000 A Week For Life Ended, Claims Only
$2,500 A Week For Life
$5,000 A Week For Life
Diamond 7's
Diamond 7's Ended, Claims Only
Maximum Green
Jumbo Bucks
Mega Bucks (Red)
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